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Rosé with Rae

Oct 20, 2020

This week is all about the 3 B's: Balance, Boundaries, and Being. I'm chatting with my GIRL Ciji Townsend, who is someone I look up to in so many areas of life, but especially when it comes to living a balanced (not busy) life.

In this episode, Ciji and I are talking all about how we are both recovering busy bodies (but God!). We're chatting all about:

  • Getting back to being human beings and moving away from human doings
  • The intentionality it takes to live a balanced life
  • How to stop the glorification of busy or being busy just for the sake of it
  • Our secrets and best tips to protecting your boundaries and peace
  • Understanding when to say no and when to say not right now

And more!


Hashtag: #balancednotbusy
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