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Rosè with Rae

Jan 26, 2023

I am sitting down with my brother Antoine today. He was best friends with J and after he passed away, Antoine and I formed a beautiful friendship that means the world to me. This episode makes my heart really happy because our bond is one of my favorite things. In today's episode we're digging into:

  • Doing the work and trusting that your breakthrough is on the other side of your waiting season
  • Building discipline and grit even when the odds are stacked against you
  • How to measure success based on your own journey and not aynone else's
  • How yoga has strengthened our mental toughness, built resilience, and unlocked our vulnerability

Also LOL that I'm telling y'all a story in the podcast about how I fell asleep in a yoga class, but since this episode was recorded, I have once again fallen asleep in another yoga class.

Let's stay in touch babes: