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Rosè with Rae

Feb 2, 2023

Les is back on the podcast this week and my heart is so happy. It's always a good time when we have the balanced Black girl of all balanced Black girls on the podcast.  

Les recently paid down $100K in debt (!!!) and is spilling the tea on her tips on paying down debt, understanding your finances and where your money is going, and how to set the ~vibe when you're going through your finances each week.

In this episode we are also diving into:

  • Paying down debt, financial literacy, and staying in your bag
  • Diving into what self-compassion looks like for us
  • Gut feelings, following our intuition, and getting curious with ourselves
  • She's a silk press girlie now, is heat damage the worst thing that could happen?

And once again, another friend and I are getting into how yoga has transformed our wellness journeys. To know Les is to know love her. Here's how you can stay connected with her:

  • instagram: @balancedblackgirl / @balancedles
  • listen to the Balanced Black Girl Podcast on Apple + Spotify (congrats on 6M downloads!!!)

Let's stay in touch babes: