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Rosè with Rae

Feb 9, 2023

I love having medical and mental health professionals on the podcast because they have a way of gently and lovingly getting us all the way together. Dr. Ayanna Abrams, Clinical Licensed Psychologist, is no different. This episode is for you if:

  • You are someone who loves hard and loses yourself in relationships
  • You fall victim to people pleasing or doing things out of guilt
  • You are lost on how to set and honor boundaries
  • You feel that you always have to be everything to everyone
  • You are intentionally pursuing a deeper relationship with yourself

Or if you just love Black women getting real about mental health.

Dr. Ayanna is snatching edges, but she does it with such grace and love. Grab a glass of rosè and a notebook, because this is a noteworthy episode. She's closing out the episode with a soul-honoring journal prompt. Cheers!!!

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