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Rosè with Rae

Feb 16, 2023

This week I am sitting down with my dear sister in grief, Amber. She is the host of The Grief Gang Podcast and she's officially our first ~international guest. We're going global, baby.

Our British babe Amber and I connected via instagram early in my grief days. She lost her mom at 19 years old and she's built a community centered around normalizing grief. I can't even explain the magic that is Amber Jeffrey. I've been on her podcast speaking about partner loss and I'm thrilled to have her on mine as we chat through our grief journeys. I learn so much from her and she's been a pillar in my own grief journey.

I've gone this entire season without shedding a tear (!!!) but wow this one got me. Big tears but also big, big laughs. Amber shares wisdom that will keep you going no matter where you are on your grief journey. I love getting to share her with you in this episode.

//we briefly touch on suicide ideation after loss//

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