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Rosè with Rae

Dec 15, 2022

Today I'm sitting down with my beautiful widow sister, Fabi. She lost her husband to Synovial Sarcoma in December of 2016. This episode will air just two days after his 6 year anniversary of passing so this is a special one for us to celebrate the love of her life, Josh. After finding out his cancer was terminal, his last wish was for Fabi to start their dream family with or without him. Before he started chemo, he froze his sperm and Fabi has spent the last 2 years going through 5 rounds of IVF with so many ups and downs trying to make her dream a reality.

This one's for you, Josh & Baby P. I know Josh is holding onto them a little tight in heaven until they makes their way earthside for us to love on Baby P here.

On J's 2 year death anniversary I released a bonus episode with my widow sister, Margaret. 10/10 recommend you grab a glass + tissue and go back and listen to that episode. Fast forward to today, I met Fabi through Margaret and they happened to be together while we were recording this episode so you'll hear a few words from her as well. LOVE these girls. So grateful for a team who gets it.

Stay in touch with Fabi and follow her IVF journey:

All my love.

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