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Rosè with Rae

Dec 27, 2022

If you've been rocking with me for a minute then you not only know me, but you also know my bfffff Stephanie Fernandez. She's been on both seasons of the podcast and we've been in each other's lives for the past decade. Steph is a phenomenal educator, she's won teacher of the year 2 years in a row and was recently nominated for the HEB excellence in education award. She proudly teaches in the poorest zip code in San Antonio and pours herself into these students and serves as a safe refuge for them. Sis is the real deal, but after being stuck in the middle of toxic public school environments and being targeted by admin, she quit on the 4th day of school and went on a 3 month sabbatical from the education system. A few topics we're diving into in today's episode:

  • Giving yourself permission to change your mind and your situation
  • Making the brave decision to step away from a toxic environment that is sucking the life out of you
  • Moving forward from traumatic experiences and stepping into safe spaces
  • Taking back our mental health and starting medication for anxiety and depression

And more <3 

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